Getting the VIP Treatment at GEARYS Beverly Hills

By: Lenard Robles - VP of Finance

On July 23, ISFFA held a “VIP Meet & Greet” session at GEARYS Beverly Hills with the speakers, mentors, and sponsors of the 2016 National Conference. Spearheaded by ISFFA’s very own Michael Sudjati, CFO of GEARYS, the event was a great success!   Upon arriving at GEARYS, we were treated to a truly breathtaking store – the golden columns, polished wooden paneling, and marbled floors definitely made the store deserving of its location at the heart of Beverly Hills. GEARYS staff waited for us at the foot of an ornate spiral staircase and directed us to the event upstairs – but not before giving us our glasses of mimosas.   Not to be outdone by the already impressive first floor, the room upstairs delighted us even more. There were pretzels, chocolates, cakes, and all other kinds of desserts which you would normally only find in a hotel café. Our personal favorite were the strawberries dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with gold (yes, actual gold). To top it all off, there was even a coffee bar manned by a barista who was ready to make all the coffee drinks our hearts desired. GEARYS definitely knew the way to an accountant’s heart.

After settling in, we were greeted by the owner and CEO of GEARYS Beverly Hills, Tom Blumenthal, who mentioned how the store was one of the oldest in Beverly Hills (although to be honest, “old” isn’t a word I would use to describe the palace-like store). Thereafter, Benel Se-Liban, one of ISFFA’s founders, took the time to recognize and thank the speakers, mentors, and sponsors of the upcoming 2016 National Conference like Samuel Co, Mia McLeod, Albert Yeo, and many more.
With so many VIP guests, it was only fitting that the event was held at GEARYS Beverly Hills. We were able to meet, interact, and network with a lot of the mentors and speakers, as well as showcase a strong brand image for ISFFA. This was truly a remarkable event, and one that made us proud yet again to be members of this amazing organization.