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Toni Ko, NYX Founder

Toni Ko is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in developing, launching, and building highly successful global brands. Ko will launch her second company in Spring 2016, a sunglasses company called PERVERSE. She is most often recognized as the founder of the multi-million dollar cosmetics brand NYX, which was acquired by L’Oreal, the largest beauty company in the world, in 2014.

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International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting

Founded in 2006, ISFFA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public benefit corporation whose primary goal is to assist, educate, train, and mentor emerging professionals, both domestically as well as globally. We live by a set of shared values and adhere to the highest ideals of professionalism and ethical behavior in the spirit of integrity, commitment to social responsibility, discipline, and solidarity.


ISFFA is operated by volunteers, both at the national level and at the chapter level. Additionally, we have committees comprised of member volunteers that help us achieve success at our events.


Members get the benefits of leadership, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities.



ISFFA’s customized program will highlight self-awareness tools and activities that will enhance each individual’s leadership capabilities. We will learn strategies for continuous development through peer assessment, group discussions, self-reflection, small group activities and personal coaching. Our leadership workshop aims to develop leadership skills based upon each member’s unique personality.


ISFFA - Mentor


ISFFAMentor is a mentoring program sponsored by ISFFA that connects emerging Filipino professionals with accomplished volunteer professionals in mentoring relationships. Our program is dedicated to helping emerging Filipino Finance and Accounting professionals working and living in the U.S. and the Philippines access the mentors’ professional, business and leadership expertise to help them develop, grow and succeed in their professional and personal pursuits​.

ISFFA Scholar


ISFFA’s grant program provides assistance to individuals, students or professionals who require funds for education but do not have the financial resources to fund their educational pursuits.​